Have you ever wondered why your Grandmother and Grandfather so treasured a faded photograph, a worn Bible, and that small garden plot in their backyard? Why did owning property mean so much to them? Why did they spend so much time and derive so much satisfaction from their small harvest each fall? Perhaps the answer lies thousands of miles away across the ocean, and generations before they were born.

Shop of Ernst August Theiler in Coblenz, GermanyThese memories you have of your forebears and their interests, whether it is their garden or a special character trait, are what genealogists call "clues to your past." Properly collected and pieced together, these clues can unlock the most exciting adventure you will ever experience -- learning the story of your origin!

No longer a pastime for the well-to-do or the blue-blooded, genealogy has become a fascinating hobby for thousands of families. People of all ethnic origins - whether German, Jewish, Russian, Japanese, Nigerian, Irish, Polish, Arabic, French, British, Latin American, Hispanic, Greek, Caribbean, Australian - are searching for the details of the lives of real people from whom they are descended.

Car of Pharmacy Wholesaler Wallraf and Theiler, CologneYour ancestors and your own personal heritage are part of the very events that have shaped the New World. You have hundreds of forebears whose labors are a part of the very fabric of the history of the world, just as your actions, your thoughts and your accomplishments will become a part of tomorrow's history.

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